PubMed alerts: how to get the latest information

Posted by cvonbaeyer | November 20, 2013

Efficient automatic access to announcements of new articles related to pain in childhood can be obtained by creating an e-mail alert for new PubMed listings in your specific area of interest. Here’s how:

1. Conduct a search in PubMed

As an example, my own regular e-mail alerts use the following search terms:
(pain[Title] OR analg*[Title]) AND ((child*[Title]) OR (pediatr* OR paediatr*[Title]))

But you can put in your own special interests within pediatric pain.

2. Near the top right of the Results screen, click “Save search.” You will be directed to My NCBI. If you have an account, sign in. If you don’t, register for a new free account.

3. After you save your search, you will see a page offering the following options:

Would you like e-mail updates of new search results?

  • No thanks.
  • Yes, once a month.
  • Which day?
  • Yes, once a week.
  • Which day?
  • Yes, every day.

Choose which you prefer. (I have mine set to “every day” and I get around four e-mails a week, each with around one to five articles.)

4. There is a nice audio slide show explaining the whole procedure at:

Thanks to the US government for providing these free resources.

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