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Low Dose Ketamine Infusion and Oral Ketamine for Intractable Pain

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital policy for the use of low dose ketamine for intractable pain. Ketamine is usually used for the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia. However, this medication has unique effects which may also be useful in the management of acute and chronic pain and for those patients who are opioid-tolerant.

Teaching parents to be distraction coaches, Part 3

Teaching video to help parents effectively distract their child during needle procedures.

How professionals can involve parents in distraction, Part 2

Teaching video for professionals on how to effectively involve parents in distracting children during needle procedures.

Professionals as distraction coaches, Part 1

Teaching video for professionals on how to effectively distract children during needle procedures.

Comforting your baby in intensive care

A booklet written for parents to help them learn about infant pain and the important role parents can play, in partnership with the health care team, to keep their baby comfortable during intensive care.

Pain in children and adolescents

Children’s Hospital of Minnesota (USA) declaration of institutional commitment to managing pain in children and adolescents.