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Pain assessment

This comprehensive list of questions for providers to ask their patients in assessing pain levels was produced by Connecticut Children’s. Begins with standardized questions about pain type, location, duration etc, and behavioral assessments to be used in patients who cannot self report.

Pain medicine after outpatient surgery – patient and family education

This educational handout and interactive log were developed to improve the quality and safety of pain management in specific post surgical situations. The handout provides parents with education on which pain medications should be used, what doses are appropriate, and how frequently they should be given. Also provides charts for monitoring how frequently the medication […]

Assessing Children’s pain

This educational handout for parents provides information on age appropriate pain intensity tools used at Seattle Children’s. This handout contains a range of pain assessment scales for infants to adolescents. While the primary audience is patients and families, it can also be a bedside resource for staff when assessing pain intensity in practice.

Assessing Pain in Children

Slide presentation overview of the steps in assessment of pain in children produced by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne; Includes pain rating scales, actions, and and assessment in disabled children.

Pain Assessment and Monitoring

Policy and procedure from Boston Children’s Hospital detailing when and how to assess and monitor children for pain and adverse events from pain treatments.

Comforting your baby in intensive care

A booklet written for parents to help them learn about infant pain and the important role parents can play, in partnership with the health care team, to keep their baby comfortable during intensive care.

Pain management tools, hosted by Purdue Pharma, practice tools to help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat pain. Contains PDF files of scales, intake forms and management protocols.

Assessing pain in babies

Information for parents and the public about infant pain assessment.

Wong Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale

A site containing all of the information for the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale.

Oucher Scales

A site containing all of the information for the Oucher Scales, including the various forms of the scale and user manual.