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Non-Pharmacologic Pain management

Slide presentation overview of when and why to follow non-pharmacologic interventions to reduce pain, produced by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Assessing Pain in Children

Slide presentation overview of the steps in assessment of pain in children produced by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne; Includes pain rating scales, actions, and and assessment in disabled children.

Why Children’s Pain Matters

Finley GA, Franck LS, Grunau RE, von Baeyer CL. Why children’s pain matters. International Association for the Study of Pain. Pain: Clinical Updates, 2005;XIII(4):1-6.

aboutkidshealth pain resource centre

This is the home page of a site hosted and maintained by the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. There are easy to follow links for information on acute pain, chronic pain, assessment of pain at home, and management of pain at home for parents and teens.