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CCMC Sucrose Policy

Connecticut Children’s Hospital guidelines for the use of sucrose to manage pain in neonates and infants under 6 months old.

Procedural pain policy- CCMC

This is the Connecticut Children’s policy for procedural pain prevention and management. Includes very detailed guidelines on how to prepare the child and family for a procedure and what measures to take to alleviate pain during and after the procedure. Used the acronym PLEASE (Place, Local anesthesia, Education, Analgesic or sedative, Support, and Equipment).

Pain assessment

This comprehensive list of questions for providers to ask their patients in assessing pain levels was produced by Connecticut Children’s. Begins with standardized questions about pain type, location, duration etc, and behavioral assessments to be used in patients who cannot self report.

CCMC Pain assessment policy

This is a standardized guideline from Connecticut Children’s on how to assess pain for all children regardless of age or type of pain. Contains inclusion criteria and information for clinicians to obtain in their assessment.

CCMC Massage Policy

Connecticut Children’s guidelines for message therapy to improve patient healing and reduce anxiety. Includes guidelines on how to perform massage therapy, and inclusion criteria for patients.

Topical Anesthetics

This document contains a list of the topical anesthetics available at Connecticut Children’s as well as instructions on their proper use.

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)

Guidelines from Connecticut Children’s on the appropriate use and setting for PCA. Helps determine which children are appropriate candidates, and how to order and set up PCA pump. Includes recommended assessment and monitoring plan.

Connecticut Children’s Pain Ordering Guideline

Connecticut Children’s Hospital guidelines for pain treatment and pharmacological management. Clear examples of appropriate pain management orders and delivery as well as examples of unclear orders to avoid.

Analgesic Dosing Guide – CCMC

Drug and dose information for many common analgesics. Includes IV and oral doses, as well as differences for children who are 50 kg.

CCMC Comfort Principles

A list of aims and measures to take to help improve patient comfort. Posted throughout the hospital to reinforce the idea that expert medical care and patient comfort go hand-in-hand.