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Acute Procedural Pain: Paediatric Recommendations and Implementation Toolkits

“Children experience pain for multiple reasons in the healthcare setting; short painful procedures to help with diagnosis and treatment are one of the most common. Pain in children is stressful for the child, family and caregivers and effects of under-treatment can be negative and long-lasting. The experience of pain for a child is complex and […]

CCMC Sucrose Policy

Connecticut Children’s Hospital guidelines for the use of sucrose to manage pain in neonates and infants under 6 months old.

Oral sucrose in pain management

Children’s Connecticut Medical Center’s guidelines for the safe and appropriate use of sucrose to manage pain during painful procedures in neonates and infants less than six months of age.

Too many crying babies; the secret to a calm and peaceful vaccination

Evidenced based video illustrating the effectiveness of breastfeeding and sugar water (sucrose) for needle related pain in infants.

Sucrose policy

This is a link to the sucrose policy of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne in Australia