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RxFiles: Pediatric Pain: Treatment Considerations, Q&As

Regularly updated information on pediatric analgesics and topical anesthetics, highly condensed into three pages including an extensive list of references. Brief sections on assessment and non-pharmacological interventions for procedural pain; dosage guidelines for analgesics and topical anesthetics; tips for specific acute pain situations. HONCode standard.

Non-Pharmacologic Pain management

Slide presentation overview of when and why to follow non-pharmacologic interventions to reduce pain, produced by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Therapeutic Massage Policy

Children’s Connecticut Medical Center’s guidelines for massage therapy as an intervention to promote comfort and reduce anxiety.

Oral sucrose in pain management

Children’s Connecticut Medical Center’s guidelines for the safe and appropriate use of sucrose to manage pain during painful procedures in neonates and infants less than six months of age.