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Acute Procedural Pain: Paediatric Recommendations and Implementation Toolkits

“Children experience pain for multiple reasons in the healthcare setting; short painful procedures to help with diagnosis and treatment are one of the most common. Pain in children is stressful for the child, family and caregivers and effects of under-treatment can be negative and long-lasting. The experience of pain for a child is complex and […]

Comfort Menu

A checklist or menu that parents and children can fill out to inform their health care providers of preferred options for pain management.

What to Expect at Your Blood Draw

This booklet is directed to children as they prepare for blood draw, with developmental age appropriate constructs and evidence based strategies. Very detailed explanation of the steps involved in a blood draw, and discusses use of distraction and deep breathing to manage pain. Includes 2 pain scales, and a “blood draw plan”

Non-Pharmacologic Pain management

Slide presentation overview of when and why to follow non-pharmacologic interventions to reduce pain, produced by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Strategies for Helping Children with Shots and Needles

Evidenced based video to educate parents (and clinicians) on how to help children with needle related pain.

Teaching parents to be distraction coaches, Part 3

Teaching video to help parents effectively distract their child during needle procedures.

How professionals can involve parents in distraction, Part 2

Teaching video for professionals on how to effectively involve parents in distracting children during needle procedures.

Professionals as distraction coaches, Part 1

Teaching video for professionals on how to effectively distract children during needle procedures.