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Guidelines for Pain Assessment and Management for Neonates

Assessment and management of pain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (7 pages with 9 references) Clinical practice recommendations with review of evidence.

CCMC Sucrose Policy

Connecticut Children’s Hospital guidelines for the use of sucrose to manage pain in neonates and infants under 6 months old.

Procedural pain policy- CCMC

This is the Connecticut Children’s policy for procedural pain prevention and management. Includes very detailed guidelines on how to prepare the child and family for a procedure and what measures to take to alleviate pain during and after the procedure. Used the acronym PLEASE (Place, Local anesthesia, Education, Analgesic or sedative, Support, and Equipment).

Pain medicine after outpatient surgery – patient and family education

This educational handout and interactive log were developed to improve the quality and safety of pain management in specific post surgical situations. The handout provides parents with education on which pain medications should be used, what doses are appropriate, and how frequently they should be given. Also provides charts for monitoring how frequently the medication […]

Care Plan – Poke and Procedure

To help individualize preparation for painful procedures, this is a checklist of comfort measures for painful procedures, such as sucrose, swaddling, imagery, breathing, Buzzy, and others.

Procedural Pain Guideline

Children’s Connecticut Medical Center’s guidelines for the performance of painful procedures.

Sedation and Analgesia Policy

Describe the actions and responsibilities of health care providers at Children’s Connecticut Medical Center involved in the care of patients receiving sedation and analgesia for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

aboutkidshealth pain resource centre

This is the home page of a site hosted and maintained by the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. There are easy to follow links for information on acute pain, chronic pain, assessment of pain at home, and management of pain at home for parents and teens.

Teaching parents to be distraction coaches, Part 3

Teaching video to help parents effectively distract their child during needle procedures.

How professionals can involve parents in distraction, Part 2

Teaching video for professionals on how to effectively involve parents in distracting children during needle procedures.