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Pain Management at SickKids (YouTube video)

Short video overview of pain management for patients and parents at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Canada. 2 min 50 sec

Procedural pain policy- CCMC

This is the Connecticut Children’s policy for procedural pain prevention and management. Includes very detailed guidelines on how to prepare the child and family for a procedure and what measures to take to alleviate pain during and after the procedure. Used the acronym PLEASE (Place, Local anesthesia, Education, Analgesic or sedative, Support, and Equipment).

Pediatric Pain and Symptom Management Guidelines

Pediatric Pain and Symptom Management Guidelines from Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Boston Children’s Hospital

Pain medicine after outpatient surgery – patient and family education

This educational handout and interactive log were developed to improve the quality and safety of pain management in specific post surgical situations. The handout provides parents with education on which pain medications should be used, what doses are appropriate, and how frequently they should be given. Also provides charts for monitoring how frequently the medication […]

What to Expect at Your Blood Draw

This booklet is directed to children as they prepare for blood draw, with developmental age appropriate constructs and evidence based strategies. Very detailed explanation of the steps involved in a blood draw, and discusses use of distraction and deep breathing to manage pain. Includes 2 pain scales, and a “blood draw plan”

Chronic Pain

This educational handout serves as a common starting place for establishing a shared understanding of chronic pain definition and treatment approaches. This handout is directed at parents to help them understand their child’s pain and how chronic pain will improve with proper management.

Anesthesia and Pain Management- Parent information

This document helps parents prepare their child for a procedure including instructions on fasting and feeding around an operation based on the child’s age. Also provides information on types of pain medication used before and after the operation.

The Coping Club

“Kids helping other kids” via brief videos of hospitalized children and teens facing a variety of illnesses and procedures, and using a variety of coping techniques. Reviewed in Pediatric Pain Letter, 2011 — see comments.

Why Children’s Pain Matters

Finley GA, Franck LS, Grunau RE, von Baeyer CL. Why children’s pain matters. International Association for the Study of Pain. Pain: Clinical Updates, 2005;XIII(4):1-6.

aboutkidshealth pain resource centre

This is the home page of a site hosted and maintained by the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. There are easy to follow links for information on acute pain, chronic pain, assessment of pain at home, and management of pain at home for parents and teens.